Meet Our Team

Carissa Densmore

Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Cryoskin & Endsospheres Practitioner

Carissa received her certification in Massage Therapy in 2005 from Olympia Career Institute from Kalamazoo, Michigan. She has been practicing part-time over the years while continuing her education and business experience. Over the past 15 years, Carissa has practiced massage therapy while obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree from Louisiana State University and working in Human Resources. She started practicing full-time since the establishment of Zatara in September 2019. Carissa specializes in therapeutic Deep Tissue, Himalayan and CBD massage sessions and has exceptional product knowledge. Carissa is always looking to learn and grow personally and professionally and looking how to separate Zatara from the rest of the industry by going above and beyond, providing high-quality, classic and unique products and services to the Michiana area. At the beginning of 2021, she started offering unique services, Cryoskin Slimming and Toning, to help enhance people’s self-confidence through cryo massage techniques.

Elizabeth Cashier

Licensed Massage Therapist & Reflexologist

Elizabeth is a licensed certified massage therapist and certified reflexologist and has been in business for over 15 years. She has provided professional, friendly and caring service to all her clients from ages 9 to 90! Elizabeth’s primary objective is to create a stress-free environment so that her clients can receive a complete holistic experience combining massage and relaxation for better health – mentally and physically.

Esta Erbe

Licensed Esthetician, Ayurvedic Skin Care & Sugaring Specialist, Certified Endospheres Practitioner

Esta enrolled at the Douglas J Aveda Institute in East Lansing to study holistic skin care and learned that there were so many factors that were causing her breakouts other than what she was putting on her face; i.e. the foods she was eating, the stress of school, hormones, and even the environment. She realized that having healthy skin doesn’t happen overnight, therefore she would have to change her entire lifestyle, and did! Since becoming an esthetician in 2014 Esta has worked in a variety of different settings from medi spas to holistic health spas, and has learned so much in this evolving industry and how to offer holistic treatments and products to her clientele. Her purpose is to promote balance in the mind, body, and soul. That is the true secret to healthy skin – beauty comes from within. Esta joined the Zatara team in February 2020 and continues to expand her current clientele and help as many people as possible to feel confident in their own skin and to truly live their best life.

Amie Owsianowski

Licensed Massage Therapist, Ayurvedic Wellness Coach, & Reiki Master

Amie received her certification and started massaging in 2011 and has since built her clientele by word of mouth as she worked from home or traveled to homes. She specializes in traditional Swedish massage, sports massage, acupressure, shiatsu, cranio sacral release therapy, myofascia release therapy, hot stone massage, and gua sha therapy. Amie is also certified in cannabis knowledge pertaining to CBD products and is a Level 2 Reiki Master attuned with Holy fire Reiki training. Along with her extensive credentials, Amie is also a certified Ayurvedic Health Consultant. She has always been a very intuitive and spiritual person and has a natural knack for psychology with courses obtained. Amie’s previous experience working 11 years at a health food store, Down to Earth, has given her valuable knowledge of organic and natural lifestyle, herbs, essential oils, homeopathy, enzyme digestion, vitamins and supplementation. She has a strong passion for healing and believes that her mission is to guide others into healing and truth.

Samantha Albaugh

Certified Microblading Specialist, Certified Dental Assistant, Certified Cryoskin & Endospheres Practitioner

Samantha received her certification for Microblading and Permanent Lip blushing in 2021. She has a huge passion and talent for artistry and exceptional attention to detail. She is so excited to start offering more cosmetic services here at Zatara!
Samantha has worked in dentistry for over 15 years and has a great understanding of oral health and dental hygiene.
In addition to her permanent makeup, Samantha is now offering professional teeth whitening services. She is also one of our certified practitioners for cryoskin and endospheres therapy. Samantha enjoys helping others reach their body shaping goals, along with educating her clients on how to care for and maintain their bodies.

Nikki Price

PEMF & Ionic Foot Detox Specialist, Certified Cryoskin Practitioner

Nikki completed her Bachelors in Business Management minoring in Psychology from Purdue University in 2014. Since then, she has held many corporate positions ranging from Purchasing to Product Management. She’s always had a passion for the holistic way of life and the healing it provides. After looking into various therapies to remedy her horses on her farm, she became aware of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and its effectiveness in treating various issues. These benefits are amazing for humans as well and she is excited to offer them to the Michiana area!

Nikki is now an owner of Magnawave’s second most powerful PEMF device and now a certified practitioner! In addition to this therapy, she has immensely benefited from Ionic Detoxification and offering both services! Coupling these two modalities provides an energizing healing process within the body and – even more excitingly – it acts as a catalyst for quicker results with Cryoskin, Reflexology, and more of our offerings here at Zatara!

Grace Korhorn

Licensed Massage Therapist

Grace has recently graduated Massage Therapy school and has been doing mobile massage since graduating. She specializes in Therapeutic Massage and is excited to continue building her clientele!

Why People Choose Us

Our clients not only receive top quality treatments from their practitioners, but a professional and relaxing atmosphere with a sincere relationship with their specialist. Our clientele goes back to 2005, providing each person the best service and experience each and every visit!