Energy & Wellness

Balancing our minds and our bodies naturally can increase our quality of life without relying on modern medicines.

Reiki | 45 (30min) – 65 (60min)

Reiki uses a loving and healing energy from the source of the universe or God as we know it to provide function, healing and balance to a person who may have blockages or stored trauma promoting relaxation.

Emotional Release/Chakra Balance | 60

This 60 minute session aligns the Chakras with Reiki energy and using a chi gong emotional release technique.

Ayurveda Health Consultation | 60

Consultation finds each individuals Dosha (natural constitution in their body). Locating where imbalance is occurring and guiding client back into balance through diet and lifestyle. This 90 minute session offers different formats to help with the mind and the body mentally emotionally and spiritually.

Spiritual Guidance After Emotional Realease | 60

This 60 minute session is for after experiencing emotional trauma during an Emotional Release, Reiki or Ayurveda session. It is great for finding the needs of individual mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Personal Yoga Session | 30

This 45 minute session is catered to your dosha, upon which you discover after an Ayurveda Health Consultation and recommended post massage.

Yoni Steam | 75